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Homoeopathic  pharmacy  taught  in  first  BHMS.  The  subject  deals  with  the  art  and  science  of  collecting,   compounding,  combining,  preparing,  preserving  and  standardizing  drugs  and  medicines  according  to  the   homoeopathic  principle.

The name pharmacopoeia originates from the two Greek words: ‘Pharmacon’ means a drug; and ‘poieo’ means to   make. Pharmacopoeia is the theoretical part of Pharmacy.

The department of Homoeopathic pharmacy is well developed and furnished as well as equipped with all types of   equipments , models , charts , crude substances , herbs , shrubs and modern devices.

More than 100 crude drug substance and different types of equipments with detail information is provided.

Herbal garden with facility of irrigation where different medicinal plants , herbs, shrubs, trees, creepers are planted.

All these specimens are taught and demonstrated to the student.

All plants and herbs are mention with their  details like  family, medicinal name, part used by putting nameplates in   front of each plant.

Students  gain  knowledge  about  preparation  and  dispensing  of  homoeopathic  medicines  and  also  about     preparation  writing.




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